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CLIA-mate Plus

Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer

Make CLIA technology accessible to all

Product instruction

CLIA-mate Plus combines the accuracy of magnetic separation technology with the efficiency and stability of ALP-AMPPD reaction system.All-in-one design of reagent cartridge and comprehensive test panels.

Performance and features

  • 01


    Fast detection

    6 channels parallel detection, first result is available in 15 minutes

  • 02


    Flexible testing

    Add samples directly, on-demand test, multiple items can be tested at the same run

  • 03


    Easy to operate

    10.1 inch color touch display, Humanized UI design, intuitive and convenient operation

  • 04


    Stable and accurate

    Advanced ALP-AMDDP reaction system, test results meet the clinical needs

  • 05


    Variety of samples

    Whole blood, serum, plasma

Comprehensive test menu

Test items conclude Cardiac Markers, Inflammation, Fertility, etc., and the follow-up items are continuously updated to meet more clinical needs.